Our 4 Peas Family

Our business started shortly after the birth of Elysha's first daughter Adaline in 2019. Adaline was born with a rare condition called Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome or 4P-. People with this syndrome have a terminal deletion of the short arm on the 4th chromosome. When Adaline was a baby, she had severe reflux, so her grammy Monica started making her bibs. Shortly after, 4 Peas Handmade was born. Something that started as a way to fill our time during a period of uncertainty, has grown into something amazing!

Adaline has continued to grow, thrive and exceed any of the expectations that were set out at the beginning of her life. From leaving the NICU thinking our sweet girl would never eat, crawl, walk or talk, to now is beyond our wildest imagination. Adaline is now 5 years old and she is walking, running and working on her communication.

Thank you for supporting our small shop!

Monica & Elysha